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Asked Questions.

  • What does UAP Med do?

    UAPMed informs medical and mental health professionals about UAP information, encourages research, and is meant to improve patient care. Experiencers are also able to access information regarding their medical and mental health conditions and how to obtain best treatment. It is not currently a business, has no paid memberships, and makes no profit. The coalition is run entirely by volunteers.

  • Who are the affiliates and what does it mean to be an affiliate?

    UAPMed currently has OPUS and Project Battech as designated affiliates. Affiliates attend meetings and assist with the mission of the organization.

  • How are experiencer rights protected?

    Experiencers participate voluntarily. We endeavor to follow HIPAA and encourage caution when experiencers share their information with other members. Standard cautions have been followed during interactions within the forum. Personal mental health and medical conversations are encouraged to remain private. Experiencers who need help are encouraged to contact long-standing support organizations or professional providers for treatment.

  • Is it aliens?

    The occupants of UAPs may or may not be “aliens.” There is a considerable amount of debate regarding the terminology used and some prefer “others,” “Non-Human Intelligence,” or “visitors.” UAPs are not officially recognized as being “extraterrestrial.”

  • What does it mean to be an “experiencer?

    See the Experiencer Assistance list of indicators or look at the UAP Med Forum.

  • What is “stigma”?

    The UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) stigma refers to the negative perception or attitude towards the topic of UFOs and the people who believe in their existence. This can include ridicule, skepticism, and mistrust of those who claim to have seen or experienced UFOs. The term "stigma" is often used to describe the social and cultural attitudes surrounding UFOs, as well as the marginalization of those who report sightings or encounters.

  • What does UAP mean?

    This term for these objects has changed numerous times over the years (based on country, organizations, and more). This term formally meant UFO. It now means Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon. The AIAA UAP branch has defined UAP as “ sources of anomalous spaceborne, airborne, seaborne, or transmedium observations that are not yet attributable to known actors or causes."

  • What type of therapies might be most helpful for a UFO experiencer?

  • Should a patient be treated differently if they saw a UFO? Should different tests and assessments be used?

  • Is there a benefit to reporting to MUFON or other organizations about my experiences?

  • Do scientists study UFOs and experiencers?

  • What are the social implications?


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